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How does laser hair removal work?

As the hand piece of the laser is placed against the treatment area, a pulse of light is emitted, which enables photons to travel past the epidermis (skin surface) and be absorbed by melanin (pigmented cells) within the hair follicle. The heat absorbed by follicular melanin damages the hair follicle and impedes the ability to regrow. The hair cycle grows in various stages, and it is only within the Anagen (growing phase) which the hair follicle will respond to treatment. Not all hair follicles will grow within the Anagen phase at the one time. Therefore it will take a series of laser hair removal treatments to effectively treat the hair growth.

How effective is laser hair removal?

It is important to be aware that laser hair removal treatment efficacy is reliant upon several factors. The colour and density of the hair relates to the abundance of follicular melanin. Therefore the thicker and darker the growth, the greater heat absorbed by the hair, increasing the chance of permanently damaging the hair follicle. For laser hair removal treatment efficacy, the hair must be thick and dark. The laser cannot treat blonde, white or grey hair. It should be noted, that fine hair which is dark in colour may be treatable, however the finer the hair follicle, the reduced availability of target melanin. Therefore treatment may damage the fine hair follicle, but unable to permanently destroy the hair growth.

As well as follicular melanin, there is also an abundance of epidermal melanin (pigment in the skin). Therefore in order for the photons to attract to the target hair follicle, it is important to have a differentiation between the skin colour and the hair colour. The lighter the skin colour, the less epidermal melanin and therefore the greater opportunity for heat absorption by the target. However, with darker skin, the photons are distracted by this abundance of epidermal melanin and therefore reduced heat absorption by the target. At DermaCare we are privileged to offer effective and safe laser hair removal treatments for all skin types.

How long does laser hair removal take?

The hair growth cycle occurs in stages, however the individual growth pattern is also influenced by various factors such as age, medication, hormonal and psychological changes. Thus it is difficult to predict exactly how many laser hair removal treatments each individual will require in order to achieve optimum long term results. With each laser hair removal treatment, the hair quantity and thickness will be reduced, and with a series of treatments we aim to achieve a gradual minimisation of the complete hair growth.

At DermaCare you will be offered a thorough assessment and receive honest, expert information in relation to your individual hair growth and skin type.

A course of laser hair removal treatments will be required in order to obtain maximum reduction of the hair growth.

A minimum course of laser hair removal treatments will be recommended at consultation for each treatment area, however it is important to note that further laser hair removal treatments may be required in order to achieve optimal results. Once you are satisfied with the laser hair removal treatment results, you may require maintenance treatments. The period of which maintenance may be required is based on individual factors. There is the potential for new hair growth development, which is often related to natural hormonal fluctuations in the body, but can also be an ongoing symptom related to various hormonal conditions, such as Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD).

Is laser hair removal painful?

Effective laser hair removal treatments often come with mild-moderate discomfort. Taking an analgesic, such as Nurofen Plus®, with food, 30-60 minutes prior to treatment may help manage some of the discomfort. At DermaCare we also offer a topical anaesthetic for those particularly sensitive areas, which may be applied 1 hour prior to the scheduled treatment, or arranged to be applied in clinic.

Who is a right candidate for laser hair removal?

Women and men who have unwanted hair on any facial and body part; Women with hormonal imbalance that has resulted in excessive body or facial hair; Women or men who have excessive hair growth due to medications.

You’re tired of shaving your legs or underarms every day. Your skin gets a rash, irritated, or bumps from after shaving.

If you are prone to ingrown hairs. You have noticeable, embarrassing hair growing from your chin or upper lip.

Does laser hair removal work on dark skin?

At DermaCare we offer effective laser hair removal treatments for darker skinned patients. This is a safe treatment for dark skin and useful to treat areas with thick, dark growth.

A course of laser hair removal treatments are required to help reduce the amount and thickness of the growth, as well as to delay the regrowth period. You can achieve up to a 90% reduction of the hair growth, however future treatments may be required to maintain results.

Laser hair removal treatments are best scheduled between 4-6 weekly intervals for the face and 8 weekly for the body.

Laser hair removal Downtime and Post-treatment care

After laser hair removal treatment the affected areas may appear inflamed for 1-5 days. During this time it is best to re-apply cold packs and aloe vera to aid recovery.

You may shave in between treatments, however it is advised to refrain from plucking, waxing or bleaching the growth, as this will not allow for effective laser treatment.

What do I need to do before and after laser hair removal treatment?

  • ŸWhilst undergoing a course of laser hair removal treatments it is of the utmost importance to sun protect the skin on a daily basis. This includes applying 30+ daily, as well as refraining from sun baking or solarium use. Spray tans may be applied, however must be completely scrubbed off prior to the scheduled treatment.
  • Whilst undergoing a course of laser hair removal treatments, you may shave, trim or use a depilatory cream, however best to avoid any hair removal methods for at least 2 days prior to and 1 week post laser hair removal treatment. It is important to refrain from waxing, plucking or bleaching the treatment area, as this will not allow for treatment efficacy.
  • It is also best to avoid exfoliating the treatment area at least 3 days prior to and 1 week after treatment to enable adequate healing post treatment.
  • Any lotions, perfumes, after shave or creams must not be applied on the day of laser hair removal treatment.
  • Make-up may be worn post laser hair removal treatment, however it is best to use a mineral based make-up to allow adequate skin recovery post treatment.
  • ŸAfter laser hair removal treatment, the area may appear red, blotchy, swollen, warm and itchy. You may also notice peri follicular inflammation, which is the swelling around the hair follicles. This will create a lumpy, swollen appearance of the skin and is an absolutely normal response post treatment. It is important to reapply refrigerated aloe vera and cold packs to the area for 1-3 days post treatment to enable adequate recovery.
  • The treated hair follicles will remain stuck beneath the skin surface until the body’s natural cellular cycle pushes them out. It is recommended to regularly and gently exfoliate the skin from 2 weeks post laser hair removal treatment in order to assist shedding of the treated hair follicles.

Why is DermaCare Laser Hair Removal the best solution?

At DermaCare we pride ourselves on our high level of expertise, honesty and quality of treatment, using medical grade lasers for laser hair removal.

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