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What is lip enhancement/augmentation?

Lip enhancement is an injectable treatment used to restore volume, enhance shape, femininity and rejuvenate the lips using dermal fillers.

Who is a candidate for lip enhancement treatment?

Anyone wishing to enhance and alter the appearance of their lips. At DermaCare our goal is to provide lip enhancement treatments that will look natural providing definition and character avoiding lips that look unnatural or unsymmetrical to the face.

How does lip enhancement work?

Using the latest high profile dermal fillers, which is in gel form containing a naturally occurring sugar in the human body, the medical team at DermaCare utilize advanced injecting techniques to enhance and rejuvenate the lips and surrounding lower face.
This natural occurring sugar chain is contained within a gel consistency, which once injected has the effect of plumping, smoothing and hydrating the lips.

Which part of the lip can be enhanced?

Many areas of the lips can be treated by lip augmentation.

  • Definition is created around the lip border accentuating beautiful shape
  • Cupid bow definition
  • Lip enhancement addressing the main body of upper and lower lip – for volume and fullness.
  • Marionette Lines (sad lines from corner of lips downward)

What kind of results can I expect?

There are various dermal filler products which can be used, depending on desired result. Whether it is enhanced volume, hydration, improved definition, softer lip lines or just a smoother lip body, we can tailor each lip treatment to suit your individual needs.

Will I see a result immediately?

Immediately after treatment your lips will be slightly swollen. This is by no means the result of lip treatment. This swelling will subside over the next few days revealing the result of the treatment. A scheduled appointment will be made within 2 weeks post treatment for assessment.

Are there any side effects or downtime?

The lips contain delicate skin and vasculature, therefore some swelling and bruising post treatment is to be expected. This usually subsides within 3-5 days. It is normal to feel small lumps in the lip treatment area, however as the inflammation subsides, the product will also soften in time.

Is it painful?

We aim for the lip enhancement treatment process to be as comfortable as possible. Prior to treatment, topical anaesthetic is applied to the lip area. We choose to use the latest dermal filler products which also contain added lignocaine for extra comfort during treatment.

How many lip enhancement treatments will I need?

The amount of lip treatments required will depend upon desired result, skin quality and hydration. It is possible that further treatments may be required to obtain best results. The various dermal filler products used can last between 6-12 months, and therefore further treatment post this period will be required to maintain results.

Am I suitable for lip enhancement treatment?

You cannot undergo dermal filler lip treatment if you are pregnant or planning pregnancy, breastfeeding, or have an auto-immune disorder or other immunodeficiency related to illness and/or medical treatment. Those with multiple allergies and/or past history of adverse reaction to dermal fillers may not be suitable to undergo treatment.

What precautions should I take before treatment?

  • If you have a cold sore, blemish, rash or any other skin irritation prior to your treatment.
  • Schedule your lip treatment 2 weeks in advance of any function or official engagement.
  • Cease all retinol A products 7days before and after lip treatment.
  • Avoid anti-coagulant (blood thinning) medication eg Aspirin, Nurofen etc and herbal supplements eg vitamin E, fish oil supplements  2 weeks before and after treatment.

What precautions should I take after treatment?

It is important to keep the area clean to prevent risk of infection. Regular salt mouth rinses are encouraged post lip treatment to keep the mouth clean and to aid healing. It is also best to keep the hands away and avoid heavy pressure on the area for up to 2 weeks to allow the product to settle adequately. Avoid Vigorous Exercise and Sun and Heat exposure for 2-3 days after the lip enhancement treatment.

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